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Here you can find our luxury dark chocolate collections created by the best artisan chocolatiers in the world. If you are looking for a special dark chocolate selection just tell us in the note when you order online. The perfect Luxury Chocolate Gifts for lovers of intense chocolates, vegans and dairy-avoiders. 

Hot Chocolate, 70% dark

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Reference: 08609
Allergens: Nuts, dairy, soya
Weight: 500g

Find a new recipe of our famous hot chocolate at the back of the bag. It's easy to make at home to impress your family and frends. The result will be gourmand and intense, exactly as you would expect by melding a dark chocolate bar in a cup. Moreover, with this improved recipe, it’s possible to prepare a perfect hot chocolate even using water, dedicated to the ones with lactose intolerances or dairy products allergies. Great product even for preparing desserts.


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DISCLAIMER: All products are made in kitchens which use the following allergens: nuts, dairy, gluten, soya, egg, alcohol. Therefore all products will contain traces of these allergens, even if they are not in the recipe itself. Please email us to for further allergen guidance.